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Cun ufologists: “In 2021 fewer sightings but more media attention”


Fewer UFO sightings in Italy in 2021 but record of UFO-themed news, as if to disprove the cliché according to which the topic would feed on media emphasis. Data from the Cun, National UFO Center, show that 2021 was characterized by a sharp decline in UFO reports. The reports received by the Ufoline service are in fact 276, with a decrease of 38% compared to the previous year. The decline in sightings in 2021 takes on particular relevance if placed in relation to the dizzying increase in UFO news that occurred in the same year. In fact, 2021 was “a year of historical significance for the UFO phenomenon, which confirmed beyond any doubt its concrete reality, so much so as to make it the subject of legislation and a topic of academic interest in the USA”, note the ufologists. The Cun website alone, which in 2022 celebrates 25 years of online presence, has published the record number of over 1670 UFO or extraterrestrial-themed news, while countless news has appeared on practically all Italian media, both traditional and online. “The already relevant 2021 therefore introduces a further factor of great importance. The theorem of the inconsistency of the UFO phenomenon, according to which the sightings would increase with the increase of the media hype, is in fact disavowed, given in hand – underlines the Cun – the theorem of the inconsistency of the UFO phenomenon on them”.



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