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Covid emergency, Borsellino misdirection hearing skips


(from the correspondent Elvira Terranova) – For “for reasons related to the current health emergency” the two prosecutors, Maurizio Bonaccorso and Stefano Luciani, were unable to attend today’s hearing, in the trial for the misdirection of Borsellino, and thus jumps the expected testimony of the lawyer Lucia Falzone, the former defender of the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino, who should have presented himself in the courtroom accompanied forcibly after having deserted twice in a row. Lightning hearing, therefore, at the Court of Caltanissetta where the President Francesco D’Arrigo took note of the current situation and postponed the trial to next January 26, at 2.30 pm in the bunker room of the Malaspina prison in Caltanissetta. “The court acknowledges that a communication has been received from the Attorney acting in Caltanissetta, which represents the impossibility of guaranteeing the presence of the prosecutors in the trial for reasons related to the current health emergency and requests the referral to another date of the hearing, “D’Arrigo told the lawyers in the courtroom. On that occasion, lawyer Falzone will have to be presented again, but today she has sent a new medical certificate. In the last hearing, the President of the Court, after a brief Council Chamber, had ordered the compulsory accompaniment for today. “With reference to the Falzone head – explained the President of the Court in the courtroom – a medical certification was received in support of the inability to attend. The Court considers it necessary to reiterate the accompanying order and certainly disposes of an official doctor regarding the current health conditions and the witness’s ability to participate in the next hearing “. At the stand there are three policemen, Mario Bo, Michele Ribaudo and Fabrizio Mattei, all accused of complicity in slander aggravated by the mafia method. It was the defense of Mario Bo, represented by the lawyer Giuseppe Panepinto, who cited Lucia Falzone, who for a period was the lawyer of the former repentant Scarantino. According to the accusation, the former collaborator of justice was induced, after the Mafia massacres, to accuse the innocent, who were then convicted. With his statements Scarantino misled the first investigations into the via d’Amelio massacre. Lucia Falzone, who is from Caltanissetta, twice presented a medical certificate to the Court. But the President Francesco D’Arrigo in the last hearing decided to order the compulsory accompaniment with a 300 euro fine. The same decision was also taken for Arianna Bossi, ex-wife of another false repentant, Francesco Andriotta. Bossi should also have been heard today. In 1995 the former repentant Vincenzo Scarantino speaking with his lawyer, precisely the lawyer Falcone, who today should have been heard in the trial, said: “I feel made fun of”, without knowing that he was intercepted in his home in San Bartolomeo al Mare, in Liguria. It is January 22, 1995 and Scarantino confided in the lawyer. He felt “teased” but “not by the lawyers”, he clarified to the lawyer. For this reason he wanted to go back to prison and “send back the family in Palermo. “” He claims that he is not angry with the magistrates – as the policemen noted in the brogliaccio that was filed with the Caltanissetta prosecutor’s office as part of the investigation opened by the Messina prosecutor’s office on two magistrates then archived – but with someone from Palermo who wants to make him nervous “and who sees” strange things. “And he reiterated that he” knows “to speak sincerely.” The next day, instead of returning to prison and “sending the family back to Palermo”, he deposed at the trial for the massacre Did antino want to retract his false confession on the eve of the deposition in the courtroom? “I am not sorry for what I did, on the contrary I had to speak immediately after my arrest”, he said instead on May 4, 1995, talking to his sister-in-law on the phone. The two did not know they were being intercepted. This conversation also ended up in the hoax filed by the Messina Prosecutor’s Office to his Nissen colleagues as part of the investigation into the misdirection of the Via D’Amelio massacre. Shortly before, Scarantino’s wife, Rosalia, talking to her sister and the latter said to him: “If Enzo (Scarantino ed.) Goes back with his choice, it’s better for everyone”. And Rosalia told her that when she hears her husband talking on the phone “she always thinks of bad things”. But when she hands the phone to her husband, Scarantino tells her sister-in-law that he is not at all regretful of his choice. He said he was “worried” about the mother-in-law because the mother “does not touch anyone”. Today the lawyer Falzone should have clarified the words of the former collaborator Scarantino. He will do so at the next hearing, scheduled for January 26th. If the inability of the witness to participate in the next hearing is not ascertained “.



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