Bill Zan, atheists: “From the Vatican a very serious act, violation of the sovereignty of the Republic”

After the Vatican’s intervention against the Zan bill, the atheists take the field. “The Vatican has violated the independence and sovereignty of the Republic. The government has a political and moral obligation not only to resist the pressure but to unilaterally denounce this unprecedented interference in the affairs of the state “, says Roberto Grendene, secretary of the Union of Atheists and Rationalist Agnostics (UAAR), commenting on the news that the Vatican has activated its diplomatic channels to formally ask the Italian government to modify the Zan bill, or the bill against homotransphobia, because in some contents it would violate the agreement to revise the Concordat. “It is an unprecedented event. Vatican diplomacy had never interfered with a formal act in the process of approving a state law (which then protects rights!). In the name of the Concordat – a fascist wreck that should be removed – it is violated in fact, our Constitution, which establishes the independence and sovereignty of the Republic: it is a very serious act, from which the government and Parliament must immediately distance themselves. If this is the case – concludes Grendene – all the more reason it is necessary to approve the Zan law and unilaterally denounce the Concordat. The Republic cannot be kept on a leash by a totalitarian state “.