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Covid Italia, Galli: “There is no light at the end of the tunnel”


“The light at the end of the tunnel? We can’t see it. We are almost faced with a different virus”. Professor Massimo Galli expresses himself in Cartabianca on Raitre, in front of the picture of the covid epidemic in Italy. The Omicron variant is spreading, with very high numbers. “The Omicron variant messed around heavily, destroyed so many certainties that seemed to have formed on the basis of the data. In the last month I have seen more reinfections than I have seen in the rest of the disease. With Omicron, even the healed are reinfected and yes. they infect vaccinated subjects with 3 doses, “says Galli. “We are facing a different reality, almost a different virus: we need to readjust the shot. In Israel they are doing the fourth dose, we are waiting for the data. But it is not a sustainable strategy to vaccinate every 3-4 months with the usual vaccine, it is not a strategy not even practicable. It’s true, the vaccine keeps out of resuscitation and the cemetery. The unvaccinated are the lungs for the virus and the pressure element for the hospitals. One of the things to do is to vaccinate the little ones. ” he adds.



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