NewsLocalCovid, Crisanti: "Dragons are lucky, now he's like Johnson"

Covid, Crisanti: “Dragons are lucky, now he’s like Johnson”


“Draghi was lucky. I think Draghi’s line is very similar to that of British Prime Minister Johnson. Let’s pretend that everything is normal and hopefully well, this is the approach.” Professor Andrea Crsanti, director of the departments of microbiology and virology of the University of Padua, in Otto e mezzo expresses himself on the decisions of Mario Draghi’s government in the fight against covid. “England had 15,000 more deaths than Italy between April and January. I think Italy did better than England, it grew more economically and protected the citizens, because we had fewer deaths. Now this approach is being abandoned in the name of a presumed normality, because we cannot speak of normality with 250 thousand infections a day “, says Crisanti. Draghi, says Crisanti,” promised Italians that there would be herd immunity. said that the green pass would protect us from transmission. Then a variant arrived that fortunately does not give big problems to the vaccinated “. “If this variant” Omicron “in addition to infecting the vaccinated had created major problems of a clinical nature, it would have created problems for any government, considering that the third doses have been delayed. On the vaccination front it has done well. Mistakes have been made. As the Romans said, the general must be good and lucky: I think there are both elements here “.



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