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Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 11 January


The bulletin with Covid numbers in Italy today, Tuesday 11 January 2022, data and news from the Civil Protection and the Ministry of Health – region by region – on coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths while the virus continues to run. With the WHO estimates “that over 50% of the population of the European Region will be infected” by the new variant “in the next 6-8 weeks”, here are the numbers from Lombardy and Campania, Tuscany and Lazio, Puglia and Sicily. The bulletin of the big cities like Milan, Rome and Naples, the point on the vaccination campaign and the third doses. VENETO There are 21,504 coronavirus infections in Veneto today, 11 January 2022, according to the record numbers of the region’s bulletin. The total number of victims since the beginning of the emergency reaches 12,612. Based on the comparison with the data released yesterday by the Civil Protection and the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours there have been 29 deaths. In the region, there are currently 205,699 positives. There are 1,680 covid patients admitted to hospital in a non-critical area. In intensive care, on the other hand, 215 people.TUSCANY There are 16,290 coronavirus infections in Tuscany today, 11 January 2022, according to numbers and covid data from the region’s bulletin anticipated by governor Eugenio Giani. “The new cases registered in Tuscany are 16,290 out of 87,520 tests of which 20,951 molecular swabs and 66,569 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 18.61% (77.4% on the first diagnoses)”, writes Giani on Telegram, adding that the vaccines currently administered in Tuscany are 7,473,865. PUGLIA There are 7,287 new coronavirus infections today 11 January in Puglia, according to data from the latest covid-19 bulletin. There are 4 more deaths. The new cases, identified through 87,269 swabs, are divided as follows by province: Bari: 2,288; Bat: 708; Brindisi: 846; Foggia: 1.059; Lecce: 1.451; Taranto: 835; Residents outside the region: 78; Province in definition: 22. There are 69,410 people currently positive, 475 hospitalized in a non-critical area and 49 in intensive care. Overall data: 363,483 total cases; 6,429,204 swabs performed; 287,045 people healed and 7,028 deaths BASILICATE There are 868 new coronavirus infections in Basilicata according to today’s bulletin, 11 January. On the other hand, there are no new deaths. 2,781 molecular swabs carried out in the last 24 hours. 246 people from Basilicata who have been cured or negativized are 78 (+4) hospitalized for Covid-19, 2 of which in intensive care: 41 (of which 2 in TI) in the Potenza hospital; 37 in that of Matera. Overall, the current positives residing in Basilicata are 11,085. For the vaccination, 5,678 administrations were made yesterday.



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