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Concordia: ‘Schettino wanted to blame a blackout’, so Gdf intercepted the false communication


“We warn on radio channel 16, the one in charge of rescue, the radio communication between the cruise ship Costa Concordia and Roberto Ferrarini, head of the crisis unit. In the communication, Captain Schettino mentions a black out on board, which would be followed by the collision and a technical fault in the process of being resolved. Suspicious of the captain’s unconvincing tone, in just under 15 minutes, we head from the Argentario towards Giglio ”. The men of the Guardia di Finanza of Porto Santo Stefano, engaged in night surveillance to combat drug trafficking and illegal activities, arrive at 10:30 pm near the Costa Concordia, 45 minutes after the impact of the ship with the rocks of the Scole . The testimony is contained in the podcast “The finger of God-Voices of Concord” by Pablo Trincia. “Already while sailing – the agents on board the Apruzzi g104 declare – we had strange sensations. We saw, through the radar, the ship completely attached to the island. Initially it was not clear what the problem was because no one from the bridge was answering calls. Then we approached towards the bow to notice what was happening: the ship was completely folded on the left side, with the inclination gradually increasing ”. At 22:33 – you can always hear it in the beautiful Trincia podcast – the motor ship of the Guardia di Finanza of the commander Igor Volpini notifies the port authority of Livorno and, finally, almost an hour after the impact, the general emergency with eight whistles, seven short and one long.



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