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Covid Italy, 34% positive hospitalized for other diseases: the survey


34% of hospitalized positive patients are not Covid sick. That is, he is not in hospital for respiratory or pulmonary syndromes and has not developed Covid disease, but requires health care for other diseases and tested positive for pre-admission swab. The data emerge from a study conducted by Fiaso on the admissions of 6 large hospitals and healthcare companies in Italy, according to which one out of three patients, albeit with confirmed coronavirus infection, is hospitalized to treat anything else: trauma, heart attacks, hemorrhages, heart failure, tumors. The study involved Asst Civilian hospitals in Brescia, Irccs San Martino Polyclinic hospital in Genoa, Bologna Irccs Aou Polyclinic, Tor Vergata Polyclinic, San Giuseppe Moscati Hospital in Avellino and Bari Polyclinic, for a total of 550 patients hospitalized in the Covid areas of the six facilities: a sample equal to 4% of the total number of hospitalized in Italian hospitals. The survey was carried out on January 5. Of the 550 patients monitored, 363 (66%) are hospitalized with a diagnosis of lung infection, while 187 (34%) do not show clinical, radiographic and laboratory signs of lung involvement: that is, they were hospitalized not for the virus but with the virus . Furthermore, patients hospitalized for Covid are much older, with an age of 69, while those infected with no symptoms and hospitalized for other diseases are 56 years old on average. Among the former, only 14% are vaccinated with a full course of three doses or with two doses for less than 4 months, while 27% are vaccinated with three or two doses for less than 4 months. In both groups there is a preponderance of unvaccinated subjects or those who have not yet taken the booster dose. The diagnosis of Sars-Cov-2 infection, for 34%, is therefore occasional. For the vast majority of them, they are pregnant women who need obstetric and gynecological assistance. 33%, on the other hand, is made up of patients who have suffered a decompensation of the internal condition resulting from diabetes or other metabolic diseases, from cardiovascular, neurological, oncological or chronic bronchopneumopathies. Another share, equal to 8%, concerns patients with ischemias, strokes, cerebral haemorrhages or heart attacks. Another 8%, on the other hand, must undergo an urgent and non-postponable surgery even if positive for Covid. There is also a proportion, altogether 6% of the total, of patients who arrive at the emergency room due to accidents and require assistance for various traumas and fractures. “We expect to have to deal with an ever-increasing number, given the wide circulation and the high contagiousness of the virus, of hospitalizations for non-Covid diseases in patients who, however, have the infection – says president Fiaso, Giovanni Better – The idea of ​​assistance must be reprogrammed by creating not only Covid and no Covid departments, but it is necessary to create new multi-specialized structures in which specialized cardiological, neurological, orthopedic assistance is guaranteed in patients who may present with Sars infection. Cov-2. It is necessary to think of Covid departments for cardiothoracic, for multispecialistic surgery. For obstetrics, Covid areas have already been created in many hospitals. In Brescia and Bari there are also clinics for dialysis of positive patients. the basis of new needs for health care “.” Eva Colombo, general manager of the Asl di Vercelli and vice president of Fiaso (Italian federation of health care companies ie and hospital), who spoke on Cusano Italia TV, then stresses that “in the week between December 28 and January 3, we had an increase of 86% of patients under 18, who tested positive. This is a pretty serious thing. In the 4 sentinel pediatric hospitals, the number of hospitalized children has gone from 76 to 123, of which 76% are under 4 years of age, therefore in an age group that cannot be vaccinated. “” We, like Fiaso, firmly believe – he adds – that we must accelerate the pediatric vaccination campaign “.



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