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Covid, the bishops: “Ffp2 masks at mass”


The Ffp2 mask is highly “recommended” in church and in all religious meetings, vaccination obligation for the staff of theological faculties, no catechism in the presence for those who are subjected to “surveillance with testing” even though they are negative on the first test. The general secretariat of the Bishops orders it. “Unfortunately, – notes the general secretariat of the CEI – the pandemic shows no sign of ending and in these days the number of infections continues to rise. It is undoubtedly a great test for everyone: sick and suffering, doctors and health workers, the elderly and minors, the poor, families. And also for priests who, despite everything, are always close to the People of God; for catechists, educators and pastoral workers, true teachers and witnesses “. Liturgical celebrations: The CEI secretariat reminds that “the Green Pass is not required, but the provisions of the CEI-Government Protocol of 7 May 2020 are still observed, integrated with the subsequent indications of the Technical-Scientific Committee: masks, distancing between desks, no exchange of peace with a handshake, empty holy water stoups … It is necessary to carefully respect the provisions, in particular: the prescribed distances are scrupulously kept; the sanitizing gel is made available; all surfaces are sanitized after each celebration. masks, the Protocol does not specify the type, whether surgical or FFP2; certainly the latter has a high filtering power and is recommended, as the authorities are reiterating these days “. For catechism: “The provisions on school tracing provide, in some cases,” surveillance with testing “: following close contact in the school environment, students and teachers are not immediately placed in quarantine but must undergo swabs as soon as possible and again five days later. The indications of the Ministry of Health advise against participation in extracurricular activities during this period, between the first and the second tampon. Therefore, those who are subjected to “surveillance with testing” will not be able to participate in the catechism, even if it is negative to the first test, until the negative result of the second test to be carried out five days after the first. For operators (catechists, animators and educators …) the use of the FFP2 mask is strongly recommended. This type of mask is also strongly recommended for catechetical participants It may be advisable for parishes to keep some spare FFP2 masks for use to those without one or who have broken, dirty or excessively worn “. FFP2 masks: “The use of FFP2 masks is mandatory by law for some situations. It is also recommended to use them for all activities organized by ecclesiastical bodies”, recommends the CEI. Vaccination obligation for university staff: “The vaccination obligation for all university staff, without age limits, was introduced from 1 February. It follows – underlines the CEI – that the staff of the Theological Faculties and Institutes of Religious Sciences as well as Teachers of curricular courses in Seminars are required to possess the reinforced Green Pass starting from February 1. The control procedures are the same up to now implemented for the basic Green Pass “.



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