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School, professor Einstein high school (Milan): “students no vax in dad? I will not teach”


“The obligation of students to self-declare their vaccination status is unacceptable. Contrary to the elementary principles of pedagogy because it would not be a spontaneous, free, but obligatory, induced declaration. It is another measure that, together with the difference in treatment between students vaccinated and unvaccinated, imposed by decree to manage infections, will promote conflict between families and students “. Saverio Mauro Tassi, professor of history and philosophy at the state scientific high school “Albert Einstein” in Milan does not mince words, who in recent days, immediately after the dissemination of the measures provided for in the decree of January 5 for schools, launched on the national network school in attendance, an appeal to colleagues to the white strike against discrimination between vaccinated students, who will be able to stay in the classroom in case of two positive and unvaccinated, who will have to go to Dad. Tassi, addressing the students, said: “Let’s clarify immediately that I am vaccinated and awaiting the third dose – specifies Adnkronos – and please write that I am 66 years old, so I know what I’m talking about. We know very well that young people, apart from rare cases, they run no risk and that it makes no sense to impose the obligation or even discriminatory situations. Do you object that students could infect adults? But it is adults who have a duty not to be infected. students this responsibility. The risks must be contained in another way: with air sanitizers, with masks, as we did in our high school … Not locking the unvaccinated in dad. It is a senseless choice “.” If it should happen in my classes, out of protest I will not lecture, remaining in the classroom to discuss the unconstitutionality of this government provision and what to do to counter it. supportive element. I posted my proposal for a white strike and possibly also a hunger strike on the Facebook page of the National School Network in attendance. I have received hundreds of compliments and the commitment of many people to join. But I wait for the National School Network in attendance to take the initiative: in the event that unvaccinated students are sent to a class, I propose to colleagues to suspend the development of the program and to discuss with the class the constitutionality of this standard. And if there was an important participation – he concludes – I would also propose a hunger strike. It is a question of pedagogical sensitivity “. (By Roberta Lanzara)



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