Vip, Andrea Ripa di Meana, ‘at auction the memories of Franco Angeli, the great love of Marina, a shame’

After the jewels of Marina Ripa di Meana also some paintings and photos that portray her next to her great love, the painter Franco Angeli. At the auction in Florence for Padolfini at Palazzo Ramirez-Montalvo (until 28 June), by the will of his daughter and only heir, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, some shots by Angeli himself and some works by Guccione, Schifano, Fioroni, Pizzi Cannella, Rotella, Tano Festa. There is no adopted son Andrea Ripa di Meana, a silent but very ‘physical’ battle against what he has always defined “the incomprehensible desire of the daughter to erase the memory of a mother, albeit eccentric, over the top. “. Andrea Ripa di Meana chained himself last month in front of the Pandolfini Auction House in via Margutta to protest against the sale of the jewels of the extravagant and nonconformist Duchess, knowing full well that his gesture would perhaps have brought to the attention of the general public, that which he considers “a betrayal of a woman’s memories, jewels that he would never have sold. I am convinced – he announced at Adnkronos – that Franco Angeli’s photos will soon be auctioned. And so it was. But not I thought so soon, Lucrezia anticipated me a few months. A shame, a further pain, the daughter wants to get rid of every memory of her mother “. Title of Pandolfini’s auction, ‘Charme and Fantasia: Franco Angeli’s dream for Marina Ripa di Meana ‘. “These are photos that were part of an exhibition, ‘The photographic dream of Franco Angeli 1967- 1975’, set up at the Traianei Museums – recalled Andrea Ripa di Meana – I don’t understand what is going through Lucrezia’s head. Portraits and paintings. sold out for a few hundred euros, certainly not entrusted to auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s that Marina would certainly have chosen as privileged interlocutors. An affront to her mother, to an artist who was part of her life, whom Marina has always supported, brought to the fore “. “Franco Angeli was one of the three painters in Piazza del Popolo next to Schifano in Tano Festa, perhaps the least appreciated and quoted one. Marina did everything to make it recognized and partly succeeded – continued Andrea Ripa di Meana – Quelle photos show her with her great, true love. A tormented, sometimes violent love, crushed by drugs. Franco Angeli tried more than once to kill her but Marina forgave and collected. She even went as far as prostituting herself to buy him drugs. Five million euro at the time “. “I know that his daughter Lucrezia is the only heir – added the ‘stepbrother’ – And that my word has very little weight. But I want to continue to fight for Marina because her wish is that nothing would be lost as, instead, it is happening. . He dreamed of an exhibition about his life, he had repeated it to me several times. Seeing now that objects, especially personal ones, go to auction makes the heart cry. He was a style icon – he concluded – and in the 1960s Life magazine crowned her ‘one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world’. ”