• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Paratroopers collide in flight, one dead


May 9, 2021

It happened at the airport of Thiene, in the Vicenza area. Both instructors, the second is hospitalized in serious Tragedia conditions today at Thiene airport, near Vicenza. One paratrooper instructor died and a second was seriously injured when they collided in the air and hooked and plummeted to the ground. The victim was 38 years old, while the second injured instructor is 31 years old and was transported by helicopter rescue to the San Bartolo hospital in Vicenza. “Both instructors. It is really a tragedy for the community and for this airport – Giampi Michelusi, councilor with delegation at the airport of the Municipality of Thiene, told Adnkronos – at 20, 30 meters above the ground one made a turn and collided with the other. It is a tragedy that affects us enormously both humanly and as a municipal administration: such a dramatic episode had never happened in this airport. The victim was a splendid person, a great enthusiast very attentive to the rules, rules: a tragic accident “.