• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Covid, Gelmini: “We will soon give dates for weddings and sports”


May 9, 2021

“Many future spouses and wedding operators have written to me and I reassure them: the government is working on it and based on the trend of the infections we will soon give a date for the recovery because weddings need planning. And the same goes for sport. Already during the week there will be control rooms with the CTS to give dates to these sectors “. Thus the minister for regional affairs and autonomies, Maria Stella Gelmini, on ‘Domenica in’ broadcast on Rai 1. “There is the health emergency – added Gelmini – but also the economic one and the Sostegni 2 decree will soon arrive with 40 billion in support of the affected categories “. “The government is working to facilitate simplifications, it does not want to complicate anyone’s life, not even with the green pass – said Gelmini – It will be very simple to obtain: it applies to vaccinated people or to those who have performed the buffer with negative results or for those who have had Covid and have the antibodies. We intend to favor more services and spaces of freedom, pending the European green pass which will arrive in June “.