• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Curfew, Sileri: “Possible move between 10-15 days”


May 9, 2021

The postponement of the curfew from 10pm, almost all of Italy in the yellow zone, could take place within “7-10-15 days”. Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, on Sunday In expressed himself on the hypothesis of changing the curfew, currently set at 10pm. “Probably in the next few weeks the curfew could also be moved forward: it is not my decision, there must be an evaluation The numbers could allow it in 7-10-15 days, when the standard was passed we were in the middle of the third wave “, says Sileri. Vaccinations continue, the most elderly and frail groups are progressively protected. “Perhaps we will observe an increase in infections in the younger population, in those who move more. But this will not lead to an increase in hospitalizations and intensive care. This does not mean that one cannot die of covid at 40, but the chances are lower. We must not abandon the sense of responsibility towards others “, says Sileri.” We have to resist a few more weeks, things are going better. Today compared to a month ago we have many millions more Italians vaccinated and therefore we can widen the shirts a bit. We try to reach 20-25 million Italians with the first dose and at that point things will change drastically. I too would like to throw away the mask, but we have to resist a little longer “, he says again.