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Rejected a new request for the release of Fiore, the legal ‘death sentence’


Rejected the request for revocation of the precautionary measure in prison presented by the defense of the new force leader Roberto Fiore in light of the risk of contagion from Coronavirus but also and above all of the health conditions considered by his lawyers to be serious and inadequate for the detention regime. The judge for preliminary investigations Paola della Monica, in agreement with the magistrate Annalisa Marzano, in fact reiterated what had already been expressed on 23 December last. “Given that the requests similar to those in question have recently been proposed and rejected – he writes – and observed that the novelty elements, compared to the framework assessed by the court for re-examination, consist of the results of the defensive investigations already submitted to the evaluation of the investigating judge and recently, by order of 23 December last, deemed unsuitable to support a reconstruction other than that made on the occasion of the issuance of the application order of the inframural custodial measure and found, as to the persistence of the need for caution, that any a new element was indicated except for the passage of time which, peacefully, does not constitute in itself only a data suitable to found an assessment of attenuation or exclusion of precautionary needs and that the proposed issues relating to the health conditions of the Flower have also been examined on the occasion of the decision of the very recent instance “.” The only, further, element brought to The attention of this office is given by the detection of a case of positivity within the district house – writes the judge – The conditions that led to the issuance of the measure as well as the need for caution remain and no new, significant ones have been offered evaluation elements. It is the duty of the health management of the prison to report any significant changes in the health conditions of the prisoners, and no reports have been received to date. For this reason, the rejection of the petition is required “.” For Roberto Fiore this is a death sentence – thunders to the Adnkronos defense lawyer Nicola Trisciuoglio – Poggioreale is hell and there are good reasons to believe that the virus is spreading like wildfire. No alternative rites, neither for him nor for Giuliano Castellino and Luigi Aronica or Salvatore Lubrano, detained with him after the events of 9 October last. We intend to pulverize with a united front of ordinary judgment the lying politicized accusations of the Prosecutor “. (By Silvia Mancinelli)



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