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Chinese rocket in fall, hypothesis fragments on regions of Italy between 1 and 7:30


On the basis of the latest data from the Italian Space Agency, during the new meeting at the headquarters of the Civil Protection, the window was reduced: the probability that they could fall on our territory remains remote On the basis of the latest data provided by the Italian Space Agency (ASI ) during the new meeting of the technical table that was updated in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Civil Protection Department, the window of uncertainty relating to the uncontrolled return to the atmosphere of the Chinese space launcher ‘Lunga marcia 5B’ scheduled for tonight was reduced. At the moment, the three trajectories that could affect some sectors of nine central-southern Italian regions are between 1 am and 7:30 am Italian time. Representatives of potentially interested Regions also participated in the technical table, to share analyzes and updates on the evolution of operations with the territories and with the operational structures of the National Civil Protection Service. It is useful to remember that the probability that one or more fragments could fall on our territory remains remote. However, the technical table will continue to follow the evolution of the situation through the available data until the impact on the ground has occurred.

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