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Fashion, anticovid and overprotective strings for masks, the creations of a young Roman designer, Ludovica Momi


Trimmings and antique lace, bone and brass chains, recycled and eco-friendly materials, lace and laces, necklaces and jewels, multicolor cords from Peru, beads, all made and sewn by hand. Born from the idea of ​​a young and promising designer, Ludovica Momi, founder of the brand La Mascarade, the idea of ​​packaging experimental and multifunctional accessories (they can also be used for glasses), ribbons, strings to attach to anti-covid masks for protect and protect us. Always with us, symbolically, and not only, elegant, replaceable (depending on the dress and mood) washable, sanitizable. And above all unisex. A young start-up that of Ludovica Momi, daughter of Maurizio, a well-known film and television producer, born in antithesis to fast fashion, in the dramatic times of the pandemic. “And it is perhaps for this reason – she tells Adnkronos – that I wanted to try something apparently relaxing, against the stress, the restlessness of these months. Entirely handmade products, designed, conceived, tested over and over again. Products that cannot be approved – he is keen to specify – Each one, a unicum, to accompany and diversify an accessory, which has entered by force in our existence and in our daily life. We cannot yet do without it “. An accessory that makes masks even safer, pristine, but above all comfortable, wearable in their extreme, sophisticated simplicity and singularity with elegant closures. Classic, circular, in the shape of a heart or star. Almost a jewel to always keep in vigilant display. Loved by politicians (Ignazio La Russa), by actors, actresses, directors (Simona Izzo, defined it as “a wonderful idea. Let’s all get in chains and waste less masks”). And it is again Ludovica Momi who remembers: “I often work with waste and native materials, trimmings and ancient fabrics that I find in haberdashery or in the workshops in the heart of the capital. I have also rediscovered a work whose traces are being lost – adds the young woman stylist – which should be re-proposed to the new generations. It is creative and relaxing, hyper feminine, it allows me to create personalized creations, almost a challenge to that form of homologation that the pandemic has forced us to. For over a year “.

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