• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Hands off Cain launches inscription campaign in the sign of Moro


May 8, 2021

“This broadcast was conceived as a presentation of a campaign inspired by Ambrogio Crespi and produced by his nephew Niccolò Crespi, who is called ‘Compresenza’. This is a special day because we are on the eve of the anniversary of Aldo Moro’s death. The campaign ‘Compresenza’ advertising is about people who are no longer with us, but who continue to inspire us. There are four protagonists: Aldo Moro, Leonardo Sciascia, Marco Pannella and Maria Teresa Di Leave “. This was said on Radio Radicale Sergio D’Elia, secretary of ‘Hands Off Caino’, on the occasion of the launch of “Compresenza”, the advertising campaign in favor of subscriptions to Hands Off Caino-Spes contra spem, inspired by Ambrogio Crespi, expert of communication and director sentenced to six years in prison with a sentence of the Supreme Court that raised many perplexities, creating a real media case. The one dedicated to Aldo Moro is the first of the four commercials made by Crespi. “My father – underlined Maria Fida Moro, speaking in the broadcast – has been dealing for a long time with the inviolable rights of man and it is paradoxical, but it is no coincidence that these rights are not valid for him. I have forgiven all the former Red Brigades. , but when I then see these things that are more the responsibility of the media than of the interested parties, I feel an attack of desperation because around my father I would like only silence. Instead the daily events prevent me because either there is the discovery of something, either there is ‘One hundred steps’, or there is the writing on the wall, or there is Bellocchio, and all this I assure you is equivalent not to a life sentence but to a real torture. You can’t live like this ” . “I would like – added Maria Fida Moro – that dad be left with the dignity of a human being. In ancient times there was a proverb that said ‘speaking alive, not dead’, because while alive you can tell people anything, from dead you owe him an additional respect. I have it in this disrespectful, mystifying, violent, cruel way, without love, while if one wants to talk about my father, he has to talk about it with love “. “I knew the story of Moro at 18 because the first job I did, together with my uncle Ambrogio, was ‘General Mori’ – underlined Niccolò Crespi – I knew the saddest part, that of Via Fani, but instead with this commercial I understood the thought behind Aldo Moro. I would like to speak to my uncle after 4 years spent together with him in symbiosis. Since he went to prison it has not been easy to work, continue the projects we were doing, but the commercial I made for this campaign I managed without difficulty. I am happy to continue to fight for the ideals that my uncle wants to become reality, despite the fact that this country sometimes does things that are neither in heaven nor in land”.