• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

RSA and Covid, rules also for hugs


May 8, 2021

In the order signed by Minister Speranza, who reopens to visits, there is also a paragraph intended for physical contact RSA, at the start the opening to visits from relatives. And in the ordinance signed today by Minister Speranza, there is also a paragraph dedicated to physical contact, with the rules for safe hugs between visitors and patients. “Physical contact between visitor / family member and guest / patient – the ordinance reads in fact – can be taken into consideration in particular conditions of demanding relational / affective relationships. The interaction with physical contact can only take place between family member / visitor in possession of the Green Certification Covid-19 and of a guest / patient vaccinated or infected in the last 6 months, subject to different motivated indications from the Health Department or the medical referent or the attending physician (eg guest with contraindication to vaccination) “, as stated in the document ‘Methods of access / exit of guests and visitors to the residential structures of the territorial network’, which regulates the visits in RSA allowed from now and until next July 30th. Read also