• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Milan, full square for demonstration for the Zan Bill


May 8, 2021

The demonstration in favor of the approval of the Zan Ddl and against homotransphobia has started at the Arco della Pace in Milan. The square is full, many people, and the participants are spaced out in compliance with the anti-Covid rules. The event, entitled ‘Tempo Scaduto’, opened with a memory of Milva and her interpretation of ‘Bella ciao’. The flags of numerous parties and associations fly in the square, including the Democratic Party, the CGIL and the Sentinelli. Many cartels of gay pride and in favor of the approval of the Zan law. “People and citizens want to make their voices heard and ask the institutions to approve a civilization law” said Alessandro Zan, on the sidelines of the demonstration at the Arco della Pace. “The overwhelming majority of people want a law that protects the most vulnerable people. We live in a society still steeped in hatred, prejudice and discrimination and that is why it is important to give protection. This is not a law on minorities but against hate crimes . Everyone could be affected by these crimes so it is important to approve it “. The Ddl “extends the Mancino law, which has already been tested by 30 years of jurisprudence. Hate speech is already a crime and will extend to misogyny, homotransphobia and ability,” he continued. After the demonstration “I expect the Senate to continue the discussion of the law in an orderly and civil manner starting from the commission, without subterfuge and obstruction, without using the prerogatives of someone to limit the democratic discussion in the Senate and that, as has been done in the Chamber, there is a civil and frank discussion also in the Senate “.