• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

RSA and Covid, a Green pass for visits to the elderly


May 8, 2021

Green Pass in hand to access the RSA and finally be able to see their elderly again, after months of forced distance dictated by the pandemic. The ordinance that opens visits to assisted health residences bears the signature of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and has today’s date at the bottom, Saturday 8 May, the eve of Mother’s Day. It will have “immediate effect”, specified by the Ministry of Health. Read also As you read in the text, in fact, it enters into force from the moment of its adoption and will remain valid until 30 July 2021. One of the salient points is the Green Pass: in the third paragraph of article 1 it is explained that family members and visitors, at the time of access, must show exclusively to the persons in charge of the checks (in compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data) the “Covid-19 green certifications”, provided for by the decree law of 22 April. A concept reaffirmed also in the document that dictates the modalities of access / exit of guests and visitors in these structures. The Green Passes, it is explained, “can be a useful tool for guiding the regulation of scheduled visits and outings, compatibly with the local situation and with the specificity of services and structures that can accommodate users with different degrees of fragility and transmission risk. infectious “. It is also pointed out that “the possession and presentation of green certifications does not replace compliance with the measures to prevent and combat the spread of the infection nor the interruption of screening programs where provided for”. The ordinance regulates the access of family members and visitors to hospitality and long-term care facilities, assisted healthcare residences, hospices, rehabilitation facilities and residential facilities for the elderly, self-sufficient, and residential social care facilities. Access, the text reads, allowed in compliance with the document that dictates the access and exit procedures, adopted by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, as integrated and validated by the Technical Scientific Committee for the coronavirus emergency. Document that forms an integral part of the ordinance. In paragraph 2 of article 1 it is specified that “the health director or the competent health authority, in relation to the specific epidemiological context, may adopt more restrictive precautionary measures necessary to prevent possible transmission of infection “.