• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid, chef Colonna: “lift us from curfew, but let us also open inside the premises’


May 8, 2021

“Take away the curfew, but if I had to choose I would prefer that our premises open, not only outdoors, but also indoors. the category “. This is what chef Antonello Colonna declares to Adnkronos, perplexed about the abolition of the curfew for Italian restaurants and clubs. And he explains again: “the government’s decisions are now sterile palliatives, they produce nothing, a frond between right and left, virologists and scientists. We are already in mid-May, the season is missing. We restaurateurs are asking the government only to work, of course with rules and distances, always in safety. Unfortunately I seem to be in a sort of self-management – continues chef Colonna – Everyone does what he wants. Just think of the Inter fans. We have become an ungovernable country. not because of the citizens, but because of the lack of clear and certain rules “.