• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

CSM and Amara case, lawyer of the prosecutor Storari: “Reports given to authorized person”


May 8, 2021

“Storari has caused absolutely nothing. What technically happened is that information, because the minutes are nothing but the support of information, have been communicated to a person authorized to receive them. In turn, this person has conveyed them to a institutionally competent body “. This was stated by the lawyer Paolo Della Sala, defender of the Milan prosecutor Paolo Storari, under investigation for disclosure of office secrecy, at the end of the interrogation, which lasted about two hours, in front of the prosecutors in Rome, in the offices of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in piazza Adriana. Storari, under investigation for disclosure of official secrecy for having delivered the minutes of Piero Amara to the former councilor of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo, was heard by the prosecutor Michele Prestipino and the prosecutors Fabrizio Tucci and Rosalia Affinito, owners of the file. The Roman magistrates are investigating the dissemination of secret reports of the interrogations made by Piero Amara to the Milanese magistrates and then arrived in recent months by some newspapers and the CSM.
“Technically, Dr. Davigo was a person authorized to receive those documents, such he had qualified, and in this sense he had authorized Dr. Storari”, added the lawyer Paolo Della Sala. “Storari delivered the minutes for institutional tact – said the lawyer – Taking into account the delicacy of the statements that are believed to be the subject of this investigation. We believe that what happened is perfectly legitimate and compliant with the law”. “Storari is serene, he is a magistrate, like there are so many, whose light stays on until late in the evening, and everyone knows it. Much loved in the forum and also considered by colleagues, because he has always known how to work. with absolute openness in sharing with others: he is anything but a subject led to individualism “said the lawyer Paolo Della Sala.” We will respond every time we are summoned before the judicial authority “added the defender who is not wanted enter into the merits of the interrogation, “which is of absolute relevance to the judicial authority”, in particular on where the minutes were delivered.