• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Chinese rocket, astronaut Guidoni: “For Italy I see no risk, it will fall into the Indian Ocean”


May 8, 2021

“It is very likely that the pieces of the Chinese rocket will fall into the water and it is also very likely that it will end up in the Indian Ocean given the trajectory. As has happened with other Chinese modules in recent years, among other things.” This was stated at Adnkronos by the former Italian astronaut and astrophysicist Umberto Guidoni who in the past participated in two NASA missions aboard the Space Shuttle. “The probability that someone can be hit is equal to 1 in several billion. In the history of launches this has never happened. The only story that is told is that of a cow hit by a remnant of space a long time ago”, remembers Guidoni. For Italy, then, adds the former astronaut, “I see no risk and nothing to fear”. As for the problem of the uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere of the Chinese space launcher ‘Lunga Marcia 5b’ as happened in the past with the Tiangong-1 robotic orbiting module, the former Italian astronaut suggests the need to strengthen the rules and agreements at international. “We need to reach agreements. China has signed some agreements related to space but we need others. One of these agreements says that the countries that launch are responsible for the damage caused by their spacecraft. I repeat there is none. danger but the rules of the game state that in the event that something happens, the launching country is responsible for any damage that is caused “, underlines Guidoni. For the former astronaut” in a normal launch something like this should not happen. The rocket it would have had to stop at a certain altitude and not go into orbit. It was not expected to go into orbit and the launcher did not have the means to be subsequently controlled. China should improve its launch systems thus ensuring that this kind of danger, extremely limited, no longer happen in the future “. For Guidoni, however, “with the increase in the frequency of launches” and the increase in space traffic, “it would be necessary to strengthen the rules”. is the former Italian astronaut and astrophysicist. “The risk is so minimal that it hardly should be considered. 70% of the planet is covered in water and therefore it is very likely that it will end up in an ocean if it is not disintegrated. It is likely that most of the mass of the Chinese space launcher disintegrates upon re-entry into the atmosphere and it is very likely that it falls into the water “, explains Guidoni about the uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere of the Chinese space launcher ‘Lunga Marcia 5b’ expected in a large estimated time window between 8:30 pm this evening and 8:30 am tomorrow.