• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Terrorism, Caselli “The loss of memory and ethical sense are two very serious evils of Italy today”


May 8, 2021

Sunday 9 May will be the day in memory of the victims of terrorism and massacres, chosen to commemorate the killing of Aldo Moro. Is this still an important date 13 years after its establishment? “Our country suffers from a strange disease. The loss of memory regarding the past, even when it comes to very serious events that have upset Italy such as the tsunami of terrorism”. This was told to Adnkronos by Gian Carlo Caselli, who was investigating judge in Turin in investigations on the Red Brigades, then headed the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately after the ’92 massacres and was then Attorney General and Prosecutor of the Republic of Turin. “This loss of memory – Caselli continues – is a close relative of the lack of an ongoing ethical sense. May 9 can be used to remedy this disease at least a little. There is a need. This is demonstrated by the French and Italian intellectuals who are they oppose the Italian request to extradite from France murderers for terrorism fugitives, who therefore went unpunished, erasing with a sponge all the harm caused to the victims and their families. A terrible wound inflicted on our democracy “. The Years of Lead are a dramatic season that never seems to end. “It was a real war, albeit asymmetrical, that is, declared unilaterally from the underground catacombs by some fanatics, convinced not only that they understood everything, but also that they had to explain it to others with assassinations and kicking legs”. Adriano Sofri reiterated that, after 40 years, the arrests are useless. It is difficult to turn the page if the terrorists do not repent: what does it mean to remember? “It means recreating or strengthening the antibodies that can prevent certain horrible facts from reproducing, while they must never repeat themselves”. (By Rossella Guadagnini)