• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Csm, Morra: “Davigo showed me Amara minutes, told me about Ardita and the lodge and I was shocked”


May 8, 2021

“I just remember it was very hot when I met Dr. Davigo, it could certainly be June of last year, but I don’t remember exactly the day. We met in Davigo’s studio at CSM. Davigo simply told me that there was a very serious suspicion about Dr. Ardita, namely that he was somehow organic to a secret, occult Masonic lodge, based on the statements, I remember this then maybe I remember poorly, of a collaborator of justice “. This was told to AdnKronos by Senator Nicola Morra, president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, who yesterday formally reported facts relating to the Amara-Davigo issue of which he was directly aware to the Rome prosecutor’s office. “Also because – adds Morra -, I had memorized lawyer Amara, even though I am jokingly affected by Alzheimer’s, I could immediately associate him with the Syracuse affair, Amara-Calafiore and all the rest. But I do not remember having indicated or pronounced the name of the declarant, I do not remember having possibly read this surname. If I did I did not understand, but I remember that it was a prosecutor from the North who was examining the reliability of the statements of this collaborator who was presented to me as a collaborator of justice. I remember that I was thrilled, astonished by the statements in question “. Then Morra reiterates:” I don’t remember if I saw surnames or not, because I was opened this folder, this sheet, if I remember correctly a lined sheet that contained these printouts, and therefore the attention focused on Sebastiano Ardita’s adhesion to the Masonic lodge, which then promptly seems to me to have been denied in the facts because Amara’s statements were found in a negative way, so they were refuted, and I of this I can only be happy. Also because I want to reiterate that I had and have great esteem towards both Davigo and Ardita, so I hope that everything will be clarified. Then I don’t know if someone made mistakes, I don’t have the skills to be able to assert if it was alpha or beta, but I worked so that the Autonomy and Independence group recovered a spirit of internal dialogue that would make them again points of reference for regarding my action in terms of judicial policy “. Morra then underlines:” When I heard the name of Ardita associated with the Masonic lodge I was so stunned, so much so that I then remembered that I left the studio and crossed paths with the same Doctor Ardita entering his office, because at CSM Ardita and Davigo had their offices facing each other. In short, I saw Ardita and I think I greeted him not with the usual familiarity, with the usual affability with which I greeted him, because a few minutes later I was just like that. Then over time, however, I thought about it, and since no further developments came in either direction, I still intended to participate in events with Dr. book together with Dr. Gratteri and Dr. di Matteo in Catania, perhaps in July 2020. Then I participated with him in webinars and other online meetings “. The president of the Anti-Mafia Commission immediately after added:” I remember perfectly that Davigo took me in the trumpet of the stairs, this attitude made me suspicious, it almost made me think that we did not even trust the place where we were because maybe we could be subjected to control “. Finally, Morra concludes:” Once I learned all this, I reported to doctor Ardita, because it seemed correct to me, and also to doctor di Matteo who was the one who publicly denounced everything. I had already made the decision to report to the Rome prosecutor’s office, but I was also suggested to do so by both Dr. di Matteo and Dr. Ardita, because there is nothing cleaner than to report to those in charge “.