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Mondello (Cna): “modernizing Rome with sharing and cycling. Well Ztl under Christmas”


Dec 7, 2021

“The municipality did well to keep the Ztl even during the holidays without locking the center as it had in the past: Rome suffocates with traffic and there are alternatives to the use of owned cars, now we need to modernize the capital and bring it at the level of the other European sisters with more sharing and cycling “. It is not yet another cyclotalban to speak but the president of the traders of the Cna of Rome and Lazio, Federico Mondello, commenting to the Adnkronos on the measures taken by the Gualtieri junta for the traffic plan for the Christmas and New Year period. “There are two positive things that I am pleased to note: first of all the resumption of dialogue between the Roman junta and the categories, a dialogue that did not exist during the Rays junta. The second is the adoption of measures such as the 50% taxy for a rather large audience of people, a sign that it goes in the right direction of providing alternatives to the classic private car-public transport dichotomy. The alternatives are already there, without having to wait decades for new subway lines “. “In Rome there is a need like air – Mondello continues – to favor the range of alternatives that is spontaneously expanding, I am thinking of electric car sharing, scooters, cycling. Above all the electric bicycle is the real revolution for Rome: by now , between low prices, zero operating costs and incentives, it is within everyone’s reach and nullifies the classic distrust of the famous ‘seven hills’: now there are no more excuses “. According to Mondello “in particular for the merchants of the center, customers on bicycles have increased, because there are undeniable advantages: you enter everywhere, you are not stopped by traffic jams or the classic Saturday demonstrations that block the city, and above all you park in front of the shop without problems. . Now the municipality is working to increase the usability with more parking spaces, incentives and a cycle network worthy of the name. So: alternative measures are needed to the private car, and there is appreciation for having maintained the LTZ at 18 during the weekdays, but together with the protection of the center from the usual Christmas traffic jams during the holidays “.

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