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Cassation, the president’s alarm: “80 thousand appeals a year, at risk of time and quality”


Green light from the High Council of the Judiciary to fill 48 positions as councilor of the Court of Cassation, between the criminal and civil sectors. The plenum approved three resolutions of the third commission by a large majority. Applause for the “substantial provision” was expressed by the first president of the Cassation, Pietro Curzio who, speaking in plenum before the vote, thanked the CSM for the decision “after 4 years without assignments” underlining “a particularly critical situation of the office subjected to an absolutely anomalous numerical pressure, which in 2020 consisted of 32,548 civil appeals 38,508 penalties. We are over 80 thousand appeals in a year, any office that receives 80 thousand appeals in a year is subjected to incredible tensions and this numerical dimension leads to problems on the timing and the quality of the measures “. The first president then provided other numbers on the workload of the Supreme Court: “from January 1 to November 30 of this year in the Supreme Court, 36,389 provisions were defined in the civil and 43.034 in the criminal. Our number is 249 councilors, dividing the provisions for the definition of the judgment for this number it is deduced that each magistrate of the Cassation in 11 months wrote 316 sentences, and it is probable that we will close the year with about 350 sentences each. So the inadequacy of the Court from everything can derive less than from the commitment of the councilors, it is the result of choices by the legislator but also of past choices of the CSM “. “An office like this cannot be left for 4 years without the introduction of magistrates” even in the face of a “substantial exodus”. Furthermore, the recent reforms “will entail greater burdens for the Supreme Court” and “the CSM must deal with this in a systematic manner”, Curzio warned, asking that “a new assignment practice be accepted and carried out quickly” and that “the CSM the problem arises in order to evaluate which answers to give both in terms of the structure of a fundamental part of the system, and to Europe, which expresses such a worried opinion “.


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