Covid vaccine, family doctors write to Figliuolo: “Doses do not reach us”

A letter to the commissioner for the Covid emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to denounce how family doctors, in the vaccination campaign, have so far been used little and badly. And how the ad hoc protocol, signed in February, has not been applied. “It is clear that we are now considered the third row. In the letter we ask Figliuolo for clarity both on the distribution of vaccines to our clinics, which until now arrived with the dropper, and on the organization. Today vaccines do not reach us, we cannot plan, we are unable to give answers to the patients on the times “. Silvestro Scotti, national secretary of the Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), anticipates this to Adnkronos Salute, asking for clarity. “We need to know, in an official way – explains Scotti – if interventions by the Commissioner on critical points are planned. Such as the certainty of the supply of vaccines. An example? On Friday I have 18 patients to be vaccinated in a second dose and, to date , I have no information regarding the doses that will be delivered to me. This is not a way of respecting patients and the work of others. We need the vaccines intended for us to be sent directly to us by the commissioner structure, without going through the ASL “. In the letter Scotti will recall how in the signed protocol it was indicated that, in the event of problems of the Regions in the involvement of family doctors, the commissioner would take over, in terms of logistics and activation. “The protocol provided for all this on the basis of the reports of the Regions. It is clear that these reports are not made, despite the problems evident throughout Italy”. “We, however – urges the Fimmg secretary – are no longer portrayed as slackers or those who only have to do a paperwork, such as signing the Green Pass. It seems absurd that only 7 months ago we vaccinated against the flu and now we cannot vaccinate against Covid. Among other things, patients ask to be vaccinated by us, because we know them, we know if they have pathologies, they can always reach us for doubts before and after the vaccine, and they feel reassured “.