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Prison Police Union alarm for new covid outbreaks: “Open day in all prisons”


Dec 4, 2021

“A new round of swabs among inmates is not enough to control the Covid outbreak in the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison, after all only one of the many registered in Italian prisons. We will ask the ministers of health and justice to set up an Open day here as in all prisons, in the same way as open days outside ”. To ask is the general secretary of the Penitentiary Police Union, Spp, Aldo Di Giacomo. “We have been repeating our appeals unheard for some time: the vaccination obligation for prison staff, which we are convinced in favor of, does not in any way solve the prevention of the spread of Covid if the obligation is not extended to everyone, starting with prisoners and by family members and lawyers of prisoners – he explains – In Santa Maria Capua Vetere, where there are weekly flows of entries ten times higher than the number of prisoners, to which to add the interviews with several dozen lawyers and a duration of even a couple of hours, it is thought to quota the prison-family interviews. This cannot be the solution, underestimating that in the spring 2020 riots the suspension of talks was the spark that triggered the violence that everyone should remember. next. ‘Inside’ we are stopped at the first vaccination and there is no alibi for no-vax inmates, an absolute minority compared to the total number of the prison population. It is a situation – Di Giacomo complains – which confirms the thesis cultivated by the state of the prison completely detached from the rest of the city where instead it aims to increase controls and actions to combat Covid. Frankly, we cannot understand the reasons, especially since the attempted revolt in recent days in the Taranto prison, following the new outbreak of Covid, should warn “.” We seem to grasp a sort of fear of the State that does not has no intention of introducing strict legal and health requirements for interviews in prison fearing the reaction of those clans of criminals who continue to demonstrate that they command and control the prisons. We have always expressed ourselves in favor of the vaccination obligation for one category, like the others of the police, health and workers in contact with the public, who need personal protection and their families as well as to guarantee the protection of others, in our case prisoners, family members and lawyers of the prisoners and therefore – concludes the secretary Spp – we are waiting for an explanatory circular on the mandatory use of the Green Pass in prisons for all “.

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