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Vaccine for children 0-5 years, Palù: “First data by Easter”


Dec 4, 2021

When will the covid vaccine arrive for even younger children, from 0 to 5 years old? “The two main companies, Pfizer and Moderna, are experimenting with children, I think it will be a matter of a few months. It is likely to have the first data by Easter, perhaps the US agency Fda could express itself, but I am not a diviner” . This is the forecast by Giorgio Palù, president of the Italian drug agency (Aifa), guest of “Live In Courmayeur” organized by Sky Tg24. Read also “We have to wait for the evaluation studies – he explains – In Italy the incidence in the population from zero to 11 years is 300 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants per week, the highest incidence of infection. And it is also high between zero and 3 years, just under 1% of children are hospitalized today. Before it was not like that. The Delta variant is much more contagious and infectious – Palù recalls – before children did not get infected, did not get sick, did not die. Today it is no longer so, it also happens between 0 and 3 years “. From 16 December in Italy the administration of the vaccine to children aged 5-11 starts. “In the United States, 4 million and 300 thousand children have been vaccinated against covid, an audience higher than that of children who potentially should be vaccinated between the ages of 5 and 11 in Italy. The US scientific society of pediatrics has not reported any cases of adverse reactions serious in these children, “he says.” Three thousand children, “who have been tested with the Covid-19 vaccine in the studies,” are more than those who have been tested for the whooping cough vaccine. And if we consider the phase 3 studies they are much more in proportion than all adults over 18 tested “, adds Palù, recalling that the pediatric dose is one third of that administered to others. For the president of Aifa, “it is unethical to wait to see what will happen in the United States, we cannot think that doctors and scientists have authorized while taking risks” .Sars-Cov-2 “is the first coronavirus that becomes pandemic in the history of It is a virus that runs fast, faster than science It is right that public health needs, which in turn involve political and not merely scientific decisions, precede science. We cannot wait for science, we run too fast. the risk of something occurring that we do not want and then it is right to use the criterion of maximum precaution “, he continues. “It is unethical to say ‘let’s wait and see what happens in the United States'”, concludes Palù.

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