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Omicron variant, “the alarm level rises”


Dec 4, 2021

“The international agencies are raising the alarm level with respect to omicron. This is not because the agencies enjoy agitating politics and the markets. They do so on the analysis of results that preliminarily begin to circulate among insiders.” Professor Alessandro Vespignani, computer physicist and one of the leading experts in ‘computational epidemiology’, the science that studies the dynamics of the contagion, thus expresses himself in a series of tweets on the framework of the epidemic linked to the Omicron variant. Read also “It should be clear that public health agencies do not work by looking at the graphs and statements on Twitter. As soon as the alert went off, the agencies mobilized hundreds of scientists, work groups etc. to start producing analyzes”, writes the Professor of Northeastern University. “These results, rightly and with a sense of responsibility, are not all disseminated on the media / social networks unless they are definitive and solid. This however does not mean that after more than a week there are preliminary analyzes and data that are discussed carefully. Unfortunately at the moment many of these analyzes, certainly to be confirmed, do not have a positive sign. Together with the dispersion of the variant (hundreds of cases / 35 countries – and this is only the tip of the iceberg), the agencies go to reinforce the level of alert “, he explains again.” This is not alarmism, but an assessment of the epidemiological risk that emerges from the discussion of hundreds of scientists of t all disciplines, policy makers etc. Science is not what scientist Y or scientist Z thinks. Science is a collective process, “Vespignani points out.” I assure you, agencies can’t wait to back off if good news emerges (we all hope so and still important information is missing). For now, however, it is their duty to convey the request for ‘attention’ that emerges from the work of the scientific community “, he concludes.

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