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Minelli: “Fourth dose of vaccine? Decisions cannot change every month”


Dec 4, 2021

“It is in the most critical moments that we evaluate and measure the value of those who decide and the effectiveness of their decisions, which cannot change once a month. Otherwise, more than decisions they become cabalistic options of the type ‘let’s try and see how it goes. . Then if it doesn’t work out, let’s change ‘”. The immunologist Mauro Minelli, head of the Foundation for personalized medicine for Southern Italy, comments to Adnkronos Salute on the statements of the President of the Higher Health Council Franco Locatelli, who speaks of a fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine as a probability concrete. “Because since the introduction of the so-called third dose it was not immediately specified that it would take place in the field (at the moment having only ‘prophecies and not univocal, consolidated and numerically credible certainties) the opportunity and timing to proceed with a new eventual recall? “, asks Minelli. For the immunologist there are many questions still unanswered. “Why not develop a laboratory method – he asks – that can give reliable information on the dynamics of immunization, useful, if not to hopefully customize vaccination procedures, at least to obtain well-founded feedback on which to schedule any next doses? How will those recovered from Covid-19 have to regulate themselves? By chance, as if natural immunity, albeit robust and reassuring, were an optional addendum even knowing the great improbability that a recovered from Covid-19 could get sick again from the same disease? ” “And is it possible that in a community of states gathered in a supranational economic and political aggregation – the immunologist asks – each member state decides on its own, generating different readings of a single phenomenon and consequent so heterogeneous provisions? a central body has been set up which decides univocally for the whole European continent, and those who move across the border in Europe must refer to the old refrain ‘Country you go, customs you find’ for a socio-health phenomenon which, instead, it is always the same at every latitude “.

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