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Omicron variant, Pregliasco: “We do not know if the vaccine hole, for this third dose”


Dec 4, 2021

“For now, from what emerges, the Omicron variant would seem more contagious, but with milder cases. We do not yet know definitively whether it can dodge the vaccine, but if it does, it would not be in complete form anyway, that’s why it is necessary to do the third dose “. To say this, to the microphones of iNews24, is the medical director of the Irccs Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasco. The data, he stressed,” still need some time to reach a conclusion, let’s say it will take another week to get a more complete picture ”. Pregliasco then explained: “We are still in the phase of climbing the curve. It will be necessary to get vaccinated, to make the recall and to always keep the attention high. I really hope that this can be one of the last blows of the virus and it is precisely in this sense that the opportunity of a dose of reinforcement should be understood to further guarantee a more effective protection “. On Aifa’s authorization of the vaccine for children aged 5-11, Pregliasco then remarked: “There have already been 3.5 million cases to date, thanks to the excellent American and Israeli data collection systems. I would say that we already have the numbers and they are consolidated ”. On global vaccination coverage and the debate about the possibility of removing patents, Pregliasco commented: “We must try to vaccinate as many people as possible, not only in Italy, but in the world. It will be a difficult and long-term battle, which however we cannot avoid fighting ”. Then he concluded: “What is needed is an international agreement that guarantees a reshaping of costs, in order to allow a greater diffusion of vaccines. Removing the patents would not solve the problem, because unfortunately it is not enough to have a grandmother’s recipe to make the cake. , especially if it is the grandson who cooks “.

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