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Frost and snow coming, the weather forecast from Monday 6 December


Dec 4, 2021

Snow in the plains, but also rain and bad weather over half of Italy. These are the weather forecasts for the next week by the experts of ILMeteo.it who announce snow on Valpadana by the holiday of the Immaculate Conception (here the article and the dedicated maps). All, therefore, confirmed at the thermal level: as early as Monday 6 December temperatures are expected to collapse with values ​​well below the climatic averages over a large part of Italy. Then here is the real surprise with the arrival of a disturbance that will cause a worsening of the weather conditions with snowfall right on the plains. The week will begin on Monday 6 December under the banner of bad weather, in particular in the southern regions and those of the middle Adriatic, with the possibility of rain and snow on the Apennines up to 500/600 meters of altitude. It will go better on the rest of Italy, where the weather will remain more stable and sunny, but temperatures are expected to collapse due to the influx of arctic currents that will cause extended night frosts in the Po Valley and in the valleys of the Center. Then, after a Tuesday 7 with residual instability in the southern regions and in Sicily, the real twist is expected for Wednesday 8 December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. According to the latest updates, a strong disturbance connected to a cyclone descending from the Atlantic will give way to a very unstable phase with precipitation starting from the Center-North. Given the very cold temperatures that will affect Italy, we expect snowfall up to the plains in the North West: possible snowflakes therefore in cities such as Cuneo, Turin, Genoa (here perhaps mixed with rain), Milan, Bergamo and Piacenza, then The Triveneto will also be at risk. Then, from Thursday 9th, the disturbance will spread to the rest of Italy, bringing strong thunderstorms especially on the Tyrrhenian regions. Given the temporal distance, it is not excluded that the trend may change, reserving further surprises, even snowy ones, up to very low altitudes.

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