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‘Parenting Today’, a parenting guide


Dec 3, 2021

“Every time a child is born a parent is born, so we wanted a guide that is not only focused on childcare, but dedicates each chapter to a different aspect of parenting: from the emotional to the physical, to the educational models and how manage the effects of the arrival of a child on the couple. “With these words, the president of the Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics (Sipps), Giuseppe Di Mauro, introduced the guide” Being parents today “, created by Nestlé with the contribution unconditional of Sipps. The guide is free and downloadable in pdf format from the Sipps and Nestlé websites. “Today the family has changed a lot – underlined Di Mauro – parents have different needs and a different organization, also because the world of work, sometimes they can no longer count on the support of their grandparents, with this guide we have put our energies together in a partnership created to provide support to new parents. given that improvisation is a problem – argued the pediatrician – more and more widespread due to online groups, chats, random searches on the internet in which too many people place their trust, information from reliable sources is needed, for this reason the guide was drawn up with the guidance of some professionals, with the sole objective of supporting and reassuring parents. “The Parenting Index is the basis of the Sipps and Nestlé project, a 2019 survey commissioned by Nestlé to Kantar on a sample of 8,000 new parents of children under one year of age from 16 countries around the world. The research – which is updated every two years – found that, regardless of the area of ​​the world in which children are raised, there are 8 common factors that influence parents’ ability to manage their role with serenity. Among these, the most common are psychological pressure, worries about one’s financial situation and the need for flexibility in working life. “We never repeat enough that children are never the same as their parents, every child has its own specificity, always more complex in a world that changes quickly, and with our project we take this into account and want to be close to families ”, added Di Mauro. “When you go home – concluded the president of Sipps – you always spend time with your children, turn off phones and tablets and play with them as much as possible, think about quality rather than quantity, in this way you will prevent any behavioral disorders and the autism spectrum. “Thinking about children but without forgetting us:” Give your child time but also carve out some for yourself – reads the guide – the basic needs of the child (love, food, safety) are priority, but your life cannot go completely into the background ”.

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