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Covid Italia, Rezza: “Increase in non-explosive cases, Omicron variant does not circulate”


Dec 3, 2021

In Italy, the increase in infections “is not explosive” and the Omicron variant of the covid “is not circulating”. This is the analysis by Gianni Rezza, general director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, during the press conference on the analysis of the data of the COVID-19 regional monitoring of the control room. “The picture is quite clear, there is a trend towards a gradual increase in the number of cases, not explosive. We also see this from the aggregate data that arrive every day. This increase is recorded under 20 years of age and between 30 and 50 years old. especially where there are pockets of unvaccinated people, “Rezza said. “There is a lot of talk about the Omicron variant, but for now, apart from a small outbreak, it is not circulating” in Italy. “But flash surveys will resume with the Higher Institute of Health to monitor the trend of variants,” he added. “The main goal now is not herd immunity because the virus continues to circulate, but to contain the worst effects, avoiding serious diseases, congestion of beds in the medical area and intensive care, “said Rezza. “The data tell us that with Rt above 1 there is a growth in transmission and therefore an increase in cases, but the admissions to intensive care are more contained. This means that vaccines work and that they are the best weapon with which we can defend ourselves right now. The third dose campaign is stepping up and the vaccine is giving good protection from infections with the Delta variant, “he said again.

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