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Covid Italy, “infections on the rise under the age of 20, even among children”


Dec 3, 2021

Covid infections in Italy, hospitalizations, Delta variant and Omicron: the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, takes stock in his speech at the press conference on the analysis of data from the COVID-19 regional monitoring of the control room. Read also “The Italian situation sees an increase in the incidence rising to 155 cases in 7 days per 100 thousand inhabitants. We can see that even in Europe the color of the maps is darkening”, with “more areas and countries that change color with an intensity of higher circulation. Some countries have particularly significant curves “, while” Italy is in the part where the curves grow more contained “, highlights Brusaferro. The president of the Higher Institute of Health explains that” at a regional level there are some contexts where circulation and the increase in cases are increasing, particularly in the North-East “.” The age groups most affected are those under 20 but also between 20 and 30 have a higher circulation in the last 7 days. In the age group 12-19 or under 12 there is an increase in cases. And although to a limited extent there is the need for hospitalization “says Brusaferro.” In Italy – he adds – we record a continuous growth of symptomatic cases and hospitalizations “. As for the variants,” over 99% of the sequences deposited in ICoGen in the last 14 days is attributable to the Delta variant. At the moment there are 7 sequences on the platform attributable to the new Omicron variant. All these sequences can be traced back to the outbreak reported in Campania in recent days “. With regard to vaccinations,” the under 20 age group has the lowest vaccination coverage. 50% of the over 80s have completed the third dose and between 30 and 59 years, however, almost 3.5 million Italians have not started the vaccination cycle “highlights the president of the Higher Institute of Health.

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