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Covid today Campania, De Luca: “Stop wasting time with no vax, go to hell”


Dec 3, 2021

“I wouldn’t waste even a minute of time with the no vax anymore. Go to hell, period. Let’s not waste time.” This was stated by the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, during a direct Facebook. “In Campania yesterday we had 1,327 positives, almost all of which were paucisymptomatic or asymptomatic. We have an occupancy of ordinary beds of 320 units, 23 intensive care places occupied. Let’s say that this figure remains stable, essentially it has been the same for about ten days “, he added, asking” not to follow television broadcasts anymore. The amount of bestiality that is said, the amount of far-fetched and unverified things is truly shocking “. “I happened to follow a television report on a public network – added De Luca – which reported on an experimentation on the damage caused by the vaccine carried out by some doctors in Great Britain. After a 5-minute report they were told that the same doctors there they say that the experimentation is not completed and the data are not reliable. And did we need to talk for 5 minutes to tell lies? This is what happens every evening on Italian televisions, it is a shameful and totally irresponsible thing. I repeat, in these chicken coop broadcasts where individuals who have no credibility are invited, only disinformation and stupidity spread in these broadcasts. Those who promote these broadcasts have an interest not in the transparency of information, they have an interest in inflating the problem to increase television ratings, period and enough”. “We must prepare ourselves, this seems to me the most delicate issue today, for the vaccination campaign from 5 to 11 years, having been authorized to use the vaccine, both by Ema and Aifa”, said De Luca. “In Campania – he added – we should vaccinate 400 thousand children of this age group with first and second doses. I would like to reason as a father and grandfather: I know that it is an extremely delicate issue that must be addressed with balance and respect, I know which is a subject that forces us to make important decisions. I believe that it is not a subject to be approached in an approximate way or even with forcing, especially since we have had in the months behind us the dissemination of many of those far-fetched news, the construction of a climate so heavy and confused that today it is objectively difficult for the little ones to get vaccinated “. De Luca explained that “from the things I have heard in recent weeks the only concern that I consider founded is that relating to the low number of children on whom the Pfizer vaccine had been tested, 3 thousand. It was a reasonable, well-founded observation. meanwhile, today all the control authorities are in agreement in affirming that the vaccine is safe, because it has been used for millions of children in the world, over 3 million in the United States, hundreds of thousands in Israel and in other countries. Honestly – he concluded – if there is a vaccine that has been tested extensively and without negative consequences, it is the anti Covid vaccine “. The governor of Campania then underlined that” the idea that children are immune from contagion is profoundly wrong. In Italy we have almost 6 thousand children of this age group have been hospitalized and many of them have gone to intensive care “. We “will try to set up a vaccination campaign that is the most careful, the most effective and the most reassuring for families and children”, he then stressed. “There will certainly be pavilions dedicated to children in ordinary vaccination centers, but – he added – we would like to do something more. We would like to work above all in schools to have vaccination days for children that are even lighter, more pleasant, by printing material that recalls characters from fairy tales or cartoons, give some small gadgets to children. We want to create a family atmosphere, let children experience the vaccination campaign as a game played with their friends. We must also have the delicacy and sensitivity to create a environment and a welcoming atmosphere. We will do our best, but 400 thousand children have to be vaccinated twice. Yesterday we had a meeting of the crisis unit and tomorrow morning we have a meeting of all the general managers, we will also have some principals present that we will invite representatives of general practitioners to the meeting “. Then the appeal to” avoid private gatherings, parties, counter-celebrations. I also say this in view of Christmas and the New Year. I urge the mayors to make very prudent assessments in relation to the New Year celebrations. I make an invitation, then it depends on the choices that the individual municipalities make in relation to the New Year’s Eve parties. “” I want to advise against these holidays – he explains – and adopt a line of caution, but the individual Municipalities decide what they want to do, unless there should be a heavy worsening of the epidemic situation, and in this case the Region decides with binding ordinances for all. If the situation remains the same as today, the individual municipal administrations will decide on their responsibility. I repeat, I am for a line of caution because it becomes impossible to carry out checks on New Year’s Eve “. According to De Luca” it is clear that the initiative in the square can reduce private parties, but my feeling is that after the party in the square they are also held parties in clubs and private parties, so we double the opportunities for contagion. To date, the situation is still manageable, and therefore the individual administrations decide on their own responsibility “.

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