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Rome, Gualtieri: “Iron Bridge reopened within 10 days”


Dec 3, 2021

The Iron Bridge in Rome, which went up in flames on 2 October, is once again open to transit “within 10 days”. This was announced by the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri: “In the next few days the Ponte dell’Industria will reopen to traffic. Just today the static verification report on the basis of which it is possible to reopen the transit of the Bridge”. “Within 10 days – added the mayor – we expect that the bridge will be returned to the city. An applause goes to the structures of the Municipality that have made the best possible effort to reduce the time and return to citizens a strategic work for the viability of the west quadrant “. The fire of last October 2 damaged the quay below, the iron walkway occupied by cables and the sidewalk on the sea side, but from the outcome of the investigations and technical calculations the actual structure of the bridge did not suffer significant damage such as to make it unusable. “The transit – specifies the Councilor for Public Works Ornella Segnini – will take place under the same conditions and in the same configuration as the bridge before the fire, with the sole exclusion of the damaged sidewalk which cannot be used by pedestrians”. In summary, the Ponte dell’Industria can be crossed by vehicles up to 3.5 tons, the same load limit already imposed previously. “It still takes a few days to carry out the necessary work to avoid access to the damaged sidewalk and the necessary asphalting of the connecting road with Viale Marconi “added the commissioner:” But our intervention does not stop there. We have already started a discussion table with the Special Superintendency of Rome to ensure that the Ponte dell’Industria, subjected to protection and an example of industrial archeology, is also restored to adapt it to the current regulations on iron works and, through measures that do not impact on the nineteenth-century structure, it can also be used for the transit of vehicles of greater weight and dimensions ”concludes Segnini.

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