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Covid Veneto, Zaia: “Yellow zone risk, hanging by a thread”


Dec 3, 2021

Veneto risks the transition from a white to a yellow zone. “We are hanging by a thread”, says Governor Luca Zaia, rattling off the covid data collected on a weekly basis. “The incidence is 317.1 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, the Rt incidence is 1.39. The employment of intensive care is 10%, that in the non-critical area is 8%.” We exceed the parameters for the passage in the yellow zone for the incidence and intensive care. The threshold for the non-critical area is 15%, we are at 8%. We are hanging by a thread, there is concern “, says Zaia.” The transition from white to yellow is quite soft but it is not a walk. There would be an obligation to wear the mask outdoors, as many people already do. The number of seats at the table in the restaurant would be reduced to 4, it is not a small complication during the Christmas period. The capacity of cinemas and theaters is reduced to 50% “, he adds.

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