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Omicron variant, 3 positive ‘patient zero’ family members: 7 cases in Campania


Dec 3, 2021

Omicron variant of covid in Italy, other people – belonging to the family unit of the so-called ‘patient zero’ – to have tested positive. This was announced by the Cotugno hospital in Naples, where the sequencing activity was performed on swabs from the ASL of Caserta. The Caserta professional, who returned from a business trip to Mozambique, is the person who was found to be positive about the Omicron variant in our country. These 3 new infections are added to those of the man, his wife and two children. Read also There are therefore a total of 7 subjects in which the Omicron variant was found in Campania. The other sequenced swabs, those relating to 3 classmates of the professional’s son and a school teacher, tested positive for the Delta variant.

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