• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Citizenship income without requisites, 62 reported in Bologna


Dec 3, 2021

Citizenship income, 62 people were denounced by the Bologna Finance Police because they would have illegally received the subsidy for a total amount of over 340 thousand euros. The activity of the Fiamme Gialle made it possible to block the further perception of the contributions requested and not yet disbursed for over 210 thousand euros. In particular, the verification concerned the possession of the objective – income and equity – and subjective requirements, among which, not to be subjected to precautionary measures. The subjects who have unduly received the citizenship income have been reported to the prosecutor. The financiers then reported, to the competent INPS Provincial Directorates, all the subjects identified for the immediate revocation of the disbursement of the benefit and the activation of the recovery of the sums unduly collected which, at present, amount to a total of approximately 340 thousand euros, as well as the blocking of contributions requested and not yet paid for over 210 thousand euros. Among the undue beneficiaries of citizenship income, members of organized crime have also been identified.