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Belpietro vs Bassetti, ‘Straight and Backhand’ clash – Video


Dec 3, 2021

“In California there are not 100% vaccinated people and above all there are infections and there are deaths”. This is the starting point for the fight live on TV on ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ between Maurizio Belpietro and Matteo Bassetti. A clash between numbers, data and news on the pandemic, infections in the US and in the world and vaccines with the director of La Verità pointing the finger at the infectious disease specialist: “Better not to tell false data”, he says. “She says great inaccuracies and it hurts her, her newspaper and the people who listen to her”, Bassetti replies. “In California there is no 100% vaccinated” @BelpietroTweet to #Drittoerovescio pic.twitter.com/N7htZ6MZ8E – Front and back (@Drittorovescio_) December 2, 2021

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