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Covid, the doctor to the no vax: “I take care of you but you make me sick”


Dec 2, 2021

“No vax, I’ll take care of you. But you make me sick.” This is the outburst that Umbero Gnudi, head of the emergency room at the San Salvatore hospital in Pesaro, entrusts to his Facebook page. “On social media I try to be politically correct as much as possible. But now I can’t do it anymore”, writes the doctor in the message that collects hundreds of comments and shares. “To the umpteenth case of no vax positive (elderly with children no vax, arrogant fifty-year-old” that doesn’t happen to me anyway “, thirty-year-old gymnastic” with this body I’m not afraid of anything “) which means more work and more risk for us health professionals exhausted, but above all fewer resources and beds for all the other sick, innocent victims of blind stupidity, I have lost my patience! I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore !!! “, writes the doctor.” You are among my ” friends “of Facebook? Please, if you have a shred of dignity left, unsubscribe. Otherwise, as soon as I realize it, I’ll do it. Are you coming to PS sick? I will cure you, it’s my job, but without talking to you. contempt “, he continues. “It is not a question of freedom of thought, but of respect for the community. You do not have any, you do not deserve it. You will have my care as best I can, as always. But know that you make me sick,” he concludes. doctor delves into the concept. “Unfortunately, my job has now become this: a job for martyrs or heroes. It is not fair, and I am neither, nor can I ask those who work with me, exceptional people offended every day. from these behaviors, “he says. “The question is: why? Why continue? I do it every morning, and the answer is less and less convincing.”

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