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Covid today Italy, which regions remain in the white zone


Dec 2, 2021

Covid in Italy, infections in the country are increasing and the regions feel the risk of the yellow zone ever closer. For now, however, no change of color and permanence in the white zone announced by the governors. Read also This is the case of Lombardy, which “will be in the white zone again next week – said the president of the Region, Attilio Fontana -. Although the absolute numbers of hospitalizations and infected people increase, those that will be evaluated tomorrow by the control room of Iss and Ministry of Health, show a lower percentage of growth compared to the previous week. The progression of infections, for example, has halved, passing from 59.2% to 27.4% “.” The even more reassuring figure -ha underlined- is that the hospital Rt index, which provided projections of an increase in beds at the end of December, goes from 1.3 in the assessment of tomorrow (with data referring to 7 days ago) to 1.14, today. a decrease which therefore positively modifies the previous forecast “. So, he concluded, “no alarmism, let’s remember that last year in this period, after a month in the red zone, we had 3,437 hospitalized in ordinary wards, today 887 and 489 hospitalized in intensive care, today 108. All this is certainly also about of the increase in the number of third doses of vaccines and also of prime “.” With an Rt equal to 1.3, Liguria is confirmed in the white zone again next week “, announced the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti. “The virus has started to run again – Toti declares – but the effects on citizens are much less than a year ago, starting from hospitalizations in our hospitals, and this thanks to the vaccination campaign, which we are carrying out relentlessly. Now more than ever common sense and responsibility are needed if we want to live a peaceful Christmas with our loved ones “. , i.e. the weekly increase in new cases of Covid per 100,000 inhabitants, is 110 cases, an increase compared to 64.5 last week, the Region communicated, underlining that the occupancy rates of ordinary beds are confirmed below the alarm threshold and of the beds in intensive care, “for which Piedmont remains in the white zone, even if the attention of the whole health system remains high on the control of the epidemic”. “We are in the white zone but it is not excluded that yellow. This week definitely not, next ‘ni’. One parameter is already ‘in place’, the other two on hospitalizations when we pass them it will turn yellow “, the alarm also launched last November 30 by the president of Veneto Luca Zaia during the usual press point from the headquarters of the Civil Protection of Marghera. “Probably, if it continues like this, all of Italy, or almost, will switch to yellow in the next few weeks”, he then commented on Sky Tg24. “However – Zaia underlined – on the one hand there is the super green pass which should at least lock up and prevent the closure of the orange areas, with the closure of the municipal boundaries and many activities such as bars and restaurants. On the other hand, however, the strategy is to vaccinate, and I gladly see that there is this day, it seems tomorrow, which includes important vaccination actions. “Lazio at risk of the yellow zone at Christmas?” We still have to fight, let’s not let our guard down for this too – said on the same day the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, a guest at ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Radio Capital -. crowded and in the streets of commerce and certainly wearing a mask indoors. At Christmas there is still about a month, I believe that with correct behavior and vaccination the yellow zone can be avoided ”. In the meantime, however, in Lazio today “the Rt value falls, which in the latest report it stands at 1.01, compared to the previous week when the value was 1.22. This is an important data, which signals a cooling, the effects of which we will see in two weeks. An increase in the number of cases is still expected in the coming days. The vaccination campaign must be pursued decisively. With the third doses we will bend the curve “, declared today the Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato.

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