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Names banned in Italy 2021, the list: what the law says


Dec 2, 2021

Is it possible to give children any name? No, there are names that are prohibited by law. In Italy, for example, a parent is free to call their daughter Laura, as long as this name does not match ‘Palmer’. Yes, just like her, like Laura Palmer from the successful television series ‘The secrets of Twin Peaks’: in the Municipality they would ask their father and mother for ‘option B’, we read on laleggepertutti.it. The details of the sixteen-year-old high school student with an unexpected double life, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch and played by Sheryl Lee, figure in the black list of names to give to girls. In some cases, the prohibition of putting a certain name in a child’s identity card may appear evident: calling him Adolfo is fine, Adolf Hitler is forbidden (even if only in one word). But, just to stick with the example above, why not Laura Palmer? And why can a child be called Antonio Maria Giuseppe and not Pietro Antonio Maria Giuseppe? We will see it shortly, scrolling through the names banned in Italy. Names of relatives Unlike other countries, including European ones (Spain is the best known example) in Italy there is usually only one surname. In some rare cases, a second one is adopted: think, for example, of the wife who takes her husband’s surname without renouncing hers. Or to someone who belongs to one of those noble families in which, to contain the entire generality, the business cards must print them in A4 format. The vast majority of Italians, however, have only one surname. And to avoid homonyms that at first can make you smile but which over time can become a problem (with the tax authorities, just to name one) it is forbidden to call the son by the name of the father or a brother or the daughter by the name of the They are also banned from their habit in Brazil or the United States of circumventing the homonymy problem by adding the name ‘Junior’ to the child. Therefore, Mario Rossi will not be able to call his child by the name Mario Jr. but will have to choose an alternative. For obvious reasons, it is forbidden to call males with predominantly female names and vice versa (Andrea may be a rare exception). Unless two are chosen, for example Gian Maria. Finally, it is forbidden to use surnames instead of first names. But only to avoid unnecessary confusion. Names of historical figures Deciding by law which character in the history should be removed from the registry can be complicated, since everyone is free to think as he wishes. However, there are cases among historical figures in which some problems can be created for the child to whom he is “sentenced” for life to carry certain generalities. This is why combinations such as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, ‘Josif Vissarionovich Stalin’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’ are absolutely forbidden, just to name a few. Just think about the time of the appeal at school to understand the reason for the ban. Names of characters from literature or cinema The prohibition against calling children with names of literary works or great successes of the film such as Count Dracula or Moby Dick always tends to protect the person concerned. The same goes for other characters like Madame Bovary or the Great Gatsby. In the field of music, it would be a problem to go to the registry office saying that you want to call the girl Madame Butterfly. Nothing prevents, however, choosing the name Aida, even if it has nothing to do with Egypt. As for the cinema, however, combinations such as Hannibal Lecter, Erin Brockovich, Joey Tribbiani, Stanis Larochelle or Walter White are not accepted. Or, indeed, like our dear Laura Palmer. Too bulky to carry, even the names of: Ajeje Brazorf, the character created by the trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo; Satan; fictional characters such as Ken, Pollon, Doraemon, Pokémon. There are also those who have tried to call their own daughter (or maybe son?) Ikea: it is forbidden. Ridiculous names and combinations A world opens up here. There are parents who for the most hidden reason choose names for their children that, combined with the surname, create nothing short of hilarity. It used to be said that calling a baby Moby Dick would be more than an embarrassment for him. But how should someone called Angelo Didìo or Perla Miseria feel? The registry office can reject certain combinations, when the common sense of the parents is lacking (there is always the possibility of repairing by changing their personal details). Names that can bring to mind some insult, a handicap, a nickname, a disgrace are also absolutely forbidden. Finally, it should be remembered that there is a maximum of names to give to a child: three are more than enough. Also because, in the vast majority of cases, only one will be used. And what’s more abbreviated.

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