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Omicron variant, 73% Italians fear armored Christmas


Dec 2, 2021

The trend of the covid curve is once again worrying. Over seven out of ten Italians are afraid of a new armored Christmas in light of the new Omicron variant and the increase in infections. This is what emerges from an Emg-Different survey for Adnkronos. To the question, “new variants and increased infections. Are you afraid of another armored Christmas?”, 73% answered yes, 22% no (5% prefer not to answer). Among those who fear new restrictions in view of the holidays, women are 75%, men 69%. The fear of an armored Christmas is more felt among the over 55s (77%) than the 35-54 age group (71%) and that of the under 35s (68%). The response was diversified on the basis of geographical areas. Among those who fear new closures, 79% are in the Center; 75% in the Islands; 73% in the Northwest; 72% in the Northeast and 69% in the South. The survey, representative of the Italian population of age by sex, age, region, class of demographic amplitude of the municipalities, was carried out on 30 November 2021 with the telematic survey method on a panel , on a sample of 1394 cases (universe: Italian adult population), and has a positive / negative confidence interval of 2.3%. Total contacts: 2000, response rate 70%; waste / replacements 606 (waste rate 30%).

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