• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Covid, Civiltà Cattolica against no vax: “Enough false conspiracy theories”


Dec 2, 2021

Civiltà Cattolica, the Jesuit magazine whose drafts are being scrutinized by the Vatican Secretariat of State, denounces the “even aggressive” and “violent” resistance of the no vax to anti Covid vaccination. And he says stop to the “false theories” of conspiracy by those who see evil in vaccines, even hypothesizing the hand of Satan, as also happens among members of the Church. “In a way that continues to surprise, and even scandalize, – writes Father Andrea Vicini, a Jesuit professor of moral theology, in the latest issue of the magazine – today there is a worldwide resistance, even aggressive and violent, to the vaccines now available. and the possibility of getting vaccinated, and therefore to protect oneself and protect against the infection caused by Covid-19 and, if you contract the infection, to have reduced symptoms “. The Jesuit underlines that “the repeated interventions of the Pope, as well as of authoritative ecclesial, social, cultural, political and scientific voices, do not seem able to favor a positive reception of the vaccines available, as well as to invite critical reflection on the taken of position “. So the anathema to conspiracy theories: “Too often disinformation campaigns and false information seduce and suggest that a global conspiracy is underway, that Covid does not exist, that vaccines introduce computer chips into our body. Families are not uncommon. in which some members are vaccinated and others have no intention of vaccinating themselves, giving various reasons, creating divisions and separations and making dialogue and critical reflection difficult. In these situations, health and what can protect it seem to have become a personal good, subjective and individual, which is threatened by what aims to promote global health. It seems that the individual can worry about his health – and only his own – autonomously and independently, at will, as if his health did not depend on health others and from that of the entire planet “.” Furthermore, – the Jesuit notes in Civiltà Cattolica – the search for truth, prudent decisions and wisdom nts, ​​self-critical reflections and a careful examination of the sources of information no longer seem to be shared values. With regret, it is observed that those who try to live these values ​​are verbally attacked in social media and, in the social context, also physically. Finally, in many cases, health is politicized. Thus protecting and promoting the health of individuals, populations, the most vulnerable and the whole of humanity is reduced to a partisan choice, informed by party logic, confusing health care choices with approaches proposed by parties or by ideologically motivated pressure groups “.