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Justice: Italy meritocracy, ‘unified contribution rate increase blow to right defense’


Dec 2, 2021

“Pending a justice reform that is seriously slow in arriving, the trickle of buffer measures continues, aimed solely at alleviating the judicial burden. one with the squeeze on the challenge of tax registers, makes us reflect and worries. Another blow inflicted on the effectiveness of the right of defense, after the idea of ​​introducing the ban on registering new disputes in the case of omitted or inaccurate own payment of the unified contribution “. Thus in a note Meritocrazia Italia. “Today – explains Meritocrazia Italia -, the increase in the tax should serve to discourage judicial initiatives and finance the functioning of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. In truth, we are beginning to ask ourselves whether constitutional law matters more to the State defense in court or the interest of the tax authorities. A truly democratic country is a country that knows how to guarantee justice and social equity. lack of courage in solving problems such as lack of staff and infrastructural equipment, procedural and organizational inadequacy and deleterious uncertainties regarding the identification of the competent judge “. “It is not a democratic country that makes exercising fundamental rights a luxury. It is not a democratic country where justice is a privilege of the rich. Italy meritocracy – underlines the note – has always called for the lowering of economic barriers to access to justice, with the reduction of the unified contribution and the suppression, in the criminal field, of the advance of the expenses for access to the file. of non-payment of the tax “. “Because – observes Meritocrazia Italia – mediation is really a useful tool to accelerate the system by ensuring the rapid disposal of the chronic backlog of pending proceedings, it is not necessary to seek new sources of financing, but to work seriously on the proper functioning of justice Ordinary. A further step is an organic and systematic reorganization of the regulatory complex, with the composition of a Consolidated Text for the Adr, a corpus that brings the disorganization back to unity and with new forecasts necessary in the light of the experience accumulated so far. Until the price. the inertia of the Institutions will be borne by the citizens, in a vicious circle that from the infringement of fundamental rights leads to the infringement of other fundamental rights, will only result in a real defeat of civilization “, concludes the note.

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